Facts About Boobs You Didn’t Know!

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All us ladies got them, but how much do we all really know about them?
DO you know humans are the only mammals who’s boobs stay fuller even when they’re not nursing? Here are more of such kickass information about our boobies!

1. The position you sleep in affects your boobs

The positions that you sleep in change the size of your breast over time. Specifically, sleeping on your stomach isn’t good for your breast as they are pressed against the mattress for hours. The best position for your breast is, sleeping on your side or on your back.

2. Boobs also tend to be fat! No seriously

Ad we get older the glands and collagen in our breasts shrink and are replaced by heavier breast tissue that will be more susceptible to gravity and start sagging. Though this process cannot be stopped entirely, but can be slowed down by wear underwire bras.

3. Smoking affects the breasts

smoking affects breast
Smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast, hence, the saggy breast.

4. Technically, boobs don’t really weigh much

A-cup clocks in at only a quarter pound; a B, about half a pound; a C, three-quarters of a pound; and a D, around one pound. And how was this measured? Well I’m sorry but I have no clue! lol

5. Left boob is larger than right

Scientists aren’t sure of the reason, but most probably because there are more tissues in the left breast. So the nipple size, and nipple direction can also vary. It’s absolutely normal.

6. There’s a possibility that yours are still growing

A study says that it is not a big deal if your breasts are growing if after your puberty.


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