Meet the Goddess of Bhangra Who brings Couples Closer Through Dance!

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While we are often looking at doing regular workouts, how about doing those same workouts differently? Everybody wants to get into shape and look their best for the celebrations, functions and most importantly wedding/party season. Of course that’s not going to happen overnight!

And what about those couples who genuinely want to enjoy a fun intensive workout regime together but don’t wish to go to the cliched place – GYM! Keeping this in mind, certified Masala Bhangra instructor Riddhi Gupta has devised a special workout regime just for COUPLES!

Some of the the Masala Bhangra moves for couples are:

​a. Bhangra love : Inspired by Amitabh Bacchan the King of Bollywood romance. This will be placing your right foot forward with your left arm forward and alternating the legs & hands. Can repeat this for eight counts to move forward.
Bhangra Love 1

b. Bhangra Groove : Feet are apart and slightly bent. Tilt to your left side and jump with both feet moving forward. Along with this throw your right shoulder forward with each jump.
Bhangra Groove 1

c. Gabroo ( Meaning Young man ) : Simple Kicks alternating for eight counts . The arms will be alternate one arm up & the other down both pushing outwards for two counts and arms towards each other & pushed back out for the other two counts

d. Cupid : Perfect for couples & a romantic hand gesture to go along with the move. The legs are alternating for three counts stepping backwards and the fourth count you bounce. The arms one needs to imagine like a bow and arrow where one is pulled back as though releasing an arrow. Alternate the hands with the legs.
e. Hot Tamale : Jump side to side bending the opposite leg with your hip slightly out. While doing this you can roll your hands backwards. Always add the head bobbing for a little more fun.

If you think these names are just made up to sound “couple-ly”, think again as Masala Bhangra has more than 150 different moves!

Masala Bhangra instructor Riddhi Gupta says, “Masala Bhangra is an Indian-dance based program, designed for anybody irrespective of age and fitness level. The workout is a blend of traditional Indian dance moves set to energetic music along with traditional drum beats. It’s a full body cardio workout. Masala Bhangra allows you to channel your masculine side with Bhangra and your feminine grace with Bollywood.

Wondering what makes it a perfect workout this season? It is a non-stop 1 hour session which provides overall toning, body conditioning and can build endurance, stamina and balance, in addition to burning up to 500 calories per class (depending on the individual).

Move to the beat of the dhol and elevate your inner being to a higher level!


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