10 Ads That Depict The Feminism In Best Way

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If you think women are just objectifies to sell commodities and are potrayed as just the perfect bahu or biwi then you are missing something. Today’s marketing is showing how society is changing and women are now strong and independent. They are breaking the stereotypes and showing the audience the progressive Indian woman.

Watch these ads to know how they are potraying things in a new light.

1. Brave and Beautiful – Dabur Vatika Salutes Female Cancer Survivors

We all want those beautiful hair, but there are women who loose those due to chemotherapy and are cancer survivors. You don’t need hair to be beautiful is what they told us so beautifully.

2. Ariel – #ShareTheLoad

A dad’s letter to her daughter for setting the wrong example and how he wants to change that now is what shows that you are never too late to bring the change in life. You can always do things for women in your life, no matter how small those things are.

3. he Raga Woman Of Today #HerLifeHerChoices

This is the celebration of modern woman who is modern, progressive, confident and passionate. The ad shows how easy it is for a man to say to a woman to quit her job, but he cannot quit his just because he is the man. As shown today’s woman is confident and knows what she wants from her life.

4. Havells Appliances Coffee Maker Ad- Respect For Women

The ad questions the way people look at marriages. You need someone to get you a cup of coffee then you need a coffee maker not a wife. If you are marrying her, marry her because you want a companion not because you need a househelp to do your chores.

5. HAVELLS Fans Ad 2013- Hawa Badlegi- Registrar’s Office

Why a woman should leave her name behind? What is wrong if a man takes up his wife’s name? That is the change Havell’s expect coming in the society. End of patriarchal things is what will bring gender equality.

6. When is the right time to get married? #HerLifeHerChoices

Katrina Kaif very clealy tells that the right time to get married is when you want to, not when you feel lonely or when society tells you to. They clearly give the message of following your heart no matter what.

7. Sofy Conversations – Poetry Slam #imnotdown

This is all about the phrases we all use when we are on our periods. We are not down, we are just on our periods. It was all about how first girls need to change the things before expecting it from others.

8. Tanishq – A wedding to remember

This ad is all about breaking stereotypes. It is ok to be dusky and there is no need to cover that up on your wedding day. Also, remarriages are perfectly fine and one should stop making a big deal out of it. Lastly, the little girl’s bond with her step-father adds the emotional touch to all this in the end.

9. ANOUK Bold Is Beautiful

Pregnancy does not make a woman handicapped and she can still do her duties, then why is that it becomes an obstacle in her carer. This ad is one bold woman’s response to an issue that many Indian women face at their workplace.

10. BIBA – Change The Convention

This ad gives anew perspective to concept of arrange marriage. The guy is ready to learn things for the girl he will be marrying. The change is coming because our perspective is changing and change is beautiful.


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