10 Things Wrong with Indian TV Serials

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1. Women sleeping with heavy jewellery and make up on!

Well, do they have to attend a party in their dreams???
tv serial

2. Replacing the old actors with new one and giving it the name of plastic surgery.

If you ask me, the husband goes to sleep aaaand ta-da! new wife the next morning.
tv serial

3. Casting the same actor as mother and her daughter.

As if it wasn’t torture enough to see the same face for years, now we have to bear twice the torture!! why?? … because Budget Cuts.!
tv serial

4. The epic time-leaps.

Every Indian soap director’s favourite i’ll say. Running out of plots? No worry, take a 10 year time leap and bring in new characters .

5. Dragging pregnancy for more than a year.

Seriously now? You cannot just grow a baby bump whenever you want!!

tv serial

6. And once the child is born, forgetting about it totally.

…. while the 200 year old granny still lives *slow claps*
tv serial

7. The ass-kicking vamps.

probably having more brain than the leads, vamps play a more important role than the leads.
tv serial

8. One, just one grey streak to represent old age.

… because you should get old in fashion
tv serial

9. Sending off characters abroad or sudden demise to cover the actors resignation from the show.

“show – bye beta, m going to canada to look after your aunt.
reality – m leaving this crack show forever.”

10. Ichadaari nagin, yes you heard us right… Ichadaari naagin

Gone are the trends of human vamps, welcome the shape shifters. You know you are in for a deep shit when freakishly thin women can turn into a serpent *chills*
tv serial


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