15 Curvy & Gorgeous Women that Would Make you go Weak in the Knees!

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1.  Kat Dennings

This girl has it all with her beautiful porcelain skill, perfectly round hips and ample amount of cleavage. When asked about how she gets that killer body, Kat admits that she actually doesn’t do anything special and actually has to try hard to stay away from junk food.

Sorry, ladies, no secrets on how to achieve this look, this girl was simply born with it.

kat dennings



2. Marilyn Monroe 

 The criteria for the perfect hourglass figure has remained primarily the same as it was back in the days of Marylin Monroe, but now in the year 2015, in traditional American fashion, bigger is apparently always better and the jaw-dropping curves of some of the ladies of Hollywood are no exception. Whether they were born with it, or they bought it, one thing for sure, these ladies are seriously bangin’.


mar 1 mar 2


3. Christina Hendricks

This curvy bombshell is Old Hollywood glam brought back to life, quite literally since she stars in the hit show ‘Mad Men, which is based in 1960′s America. Ironically enough, this redhead bombshell had a rough beginning in her high school years. According to an article on theguardian.com, when Christian was a teenager, she was teased and bullied in high school, so much so, that she began to alienate herself, and turned to Goth style and drama for refuge. Looking at her incredible success and beauty now, it’s hard to imagine she was ever anything but glamorous.


christ 1 christ 2


4. Beyonce

Beyonce is not only famous for her Grammy winning curves, but she actually created a new word in the English dictionary to describe her infamously curvy figure. 

bey 1 bey 2


5. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has every curve in the book and she has it to perfection. With a perfect backside, curvy hips and a full, curvy bust, this blond bombshell has traffic-stopping curves and is not afraid to show it. Scarlett is another Hollywood star that has the privilege to receive the prestigious reward of “Sexist Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine, and with those piercing blue eyes and curvaceous bod, Scarlett receiving this reward is not surprising at all and quite frankly, well deserved.

scar 1 scar 2


6. Jennifer Lopez

Her flat and toned stomach paired with curvy hips and a “bootylicious” derriere solidifies her spot as one of the reigning hourglass figure queens, and 15 years later at age 45, she”s still killin’ it.

jenny 1 jenny 2


7. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is the definition of bombshell with her amazing curves, beautiful long dark hair and gorgeous face. Even while playing the homely, tortured artist in the movie “Frida,” Salma’s beauty still came shining through as it is hard to contain.

salma 1

salma 2


8. Kim Kardashian

The infamous Kim K., literally became famous simply because of her amazing curves. Kim is not a singer, or a dancer, or an actress -€”she is just one amazingly beautiful woman who became famous for her hourglass shape. Again there may be some discussion as to whether or not those are her natural “assets,” but you could probably put those curves on a lot of people and they still would’t look like Kim. Hate her or love her, she’s still one bodacious babe.

kim 1 kim 2


9. Amber Rose

If you’€™re on Instagram, then there is no way you could’€™ve missed the epic Instagram picture Amber Rose.

amber 1 amber 2


10.Kelly Brooke

Though not as famous as some her other curvy sisters, Kelly Brooke definitely belongs on the list of famous hourglass figures as her body perfectly embodies the idea of the hour glass shape. Her tiny waist is complimented with her curvy hips, and her bra size is just unfair. With her classic Hollywood looks, Kelly is certainly a curvy beauty to be reckoned with, and will be up there with the A-lister stars in no time.

kelly 1 kelly 2


11.  Nigella Lawson

This yummy chef gets yummier everyday- We wonder if she knows a secret recipe for looking so young at the age of 55!

nigella 1 nigella 2


12. Christina Schmidt

She is a 19-year-old Canadian plus-size model and actress whose beauty, confidence, and talent have earned her professional acclaim, and have made her a role model for a generation of full-figured girls.

ch 1 ch 2


13. Crystal Renn

Renn suffered from anorexia and became a plus-size model after regaining her health, and has notched up some remarkable successes in the few years she has been working at a larger size; multiple editorials in each of Vogue’s U.S., Italian, French and German editions, and an appearance on the catwalk of Jean-Paul Gaultier for his Spring 2006 prêt-à-porter collection.

renn 1 renn 2


14. Kate Upton

Love it or loathe it Kate Upton’s figure has made her a household name and a two-time Sports Illustrated cover girl. But the 21-year-old blonde has a message to the online commentators who says she is fat. She told Vogue: “I love my body. It’s what God gave me!”
kate 1 kate 2


15. Dita Von Teese


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