5 Things That Annoy A True Book Lover!

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1) You spoil the cover of their book!

book lover

No book lover will tolerate any kind of nuisance with their book cover.  So if you tear it from any corner, or leave the marks of your oily fingers, or mishandle it in any way whatsoever, be ready to face your death!


2) You use the last page of their book as per your own convenience!

book lover

If you’re planning to use the last page of a true book lover’s book for noting down any random phone number or playing Tic Tac Toe, then you should know that you’re about to face the worst humiliation of your life.


3) You tear off the pages of their book!

book lover

If, by any chance, you don’t take good care of their book’s binding or cause their book to tear because of your poor reading styles, then know that it’s the end of your world! Right then and there!


4) You fold the page that you last read!

book lover

Book marks exist for a reason, and if you’re so much of a miser who can’t buy one, then please learn to memorize a small page number and spare their book the painful torture of folded corners. It’s absolutely unacceptable!


5) You turn over the pages by rubbing your finger on your tongue!

book lover

Well, if you even dare to use your saliva for flipping over the pages of their book, know that you’re breathing your last. No actually, just stop reading further, these are your last moments, just leave their book and start praying to God!


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