6 Indian Advertisement Jingles That Had The Nation Hooked!

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1) Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai!

This song from the Airtel advertisement became a sensation among the youth. People started dedicating the song to their friends, using it for captions in their facebook posts, getting it as their ringtone and what not?!

2) You’re My Pumpkin Pumpkin Hello Honey Bunny!

This song from the Idea Internet Network caught up with everyone. It was such that you could dedicate it to your friends, your siblings, your parents, anyone and everyone.

3) Little Things You Do For Me!

This jingle was a very heart warming song of the Vodafone network picturised on two best friends. It was both cute and unusually emotional as to how this girl goes around saving a seat for her best friend, and rides her on her bicycle just to make her feel special, loved and important. It reminded us all of our best friends!

4) You And I, In This Beautiful World!

This beautiful Hutch ad was picturised on a small boy and his cute little pug. The Hutch (now Vodafone) ad displayed the unconditional love and loyalty between the little kid and his pet which was used to draw the promise of the trustworthy network by the makers of the ad.

5) Umeedon Waali Dhoop, Sunshine Waali Asha!

This coca-cola advertisement provoked young India towards making their presence felt by doing what they feel is right. The ad put for some refreshing facts and used the same to stimulate our souls by garnishing it with this beautiful jingle recorded in the voice of young kids.

6) Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes And, Miss Me!

This jingle was not just catchy but also extremely mouth watering! With it’s playful lyrics and slow pace, it sets the right mood for eating the evergreen Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.


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