Dolly Singh: Defying The Norms and Shame That All Plus-Size Women Are Facing!

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In a world where body shaming is a trending topic a woman named Dolly Singh is breaking all the norms and old conventions. The 34-year-old started practicing yoga after being suggested by her doctor. In order to track her progress, she took an active part on social media and started uploading her pictures and clips from her daily practice. This is quite commendable because even after being body shammed she took pride in her body and now she swears by Yoga and has become an inspiration to everyone who is struggling to maintain a healthy life.


Singh works for a television channel in Mumbai and after her videos went viral she has never looked back. The result of all her hard work came along in the form of worldwide supporters of her. She has now become an active promoter and a source of inspiration on social media. Well, this is what happens when you take pride in your body and take initiative to improve it. Weight issues can’t be permanent you just have to fight with pride.


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2. Stretching and prepping of the body and the mind


3. A head stand?


4. Yoga at Paris


5. Parisian Park Diaries


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