The Great Outdoors Or How to be a Kid Again

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These were the days; playing out with your friends till late, or until mum was worried sick and you had to (once more) drag yourself back inside.

It was dinner time, but it was also a better time; where most of our innocent, careless days, were spend outdoors, sucking up sun, getting in touch with nature, being at our most natural habitat, feeling free, feeling happy.

Why associate nature and the outdoors with childhood exclusively? As adults we need as much the outdoors as children do. Beside, there are so many benefits from spending time in the open air, there is really no excuse for not doing so.

Leaving it all behind

Reduce tension, stress and anxiety

Confine yourself in a dead-cold environment, with Internet as your only companion and you have a recipe for disaster. A way better alternative?

Gazing at a emerald waters, whilst seating on champagne-hued sand, enjoying lunch at a nearby, tree-packed park, with birds and squirrels in a half cute, half shy manner, begging for your crumbs.

Such a change of scenery suffices to completely change your state of mind, making you less nervous, and more serene. Plus it is clinically proven that outdoorsy people have low heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.

Mental health

Shield yourself from depression, boost longevity and feel energized, just by being out in the open. The outdoors help naturally boost your emotional health, making you happier and less worried over insignificant matters.

Appreciate life

Life is beautiful, but amid chores, work and stress, we inevitably forget its splendor, only to succumb to mindless nagging about life’s downsides. A walk at a park can surely lift your mood and make you realize how lucky you are for being able to enjoy life the way you do (and so many others consider a privilege).

Change of Perspective

Being in nature allows you to see things from a distance, pragmatically but not negatively, confidently, but not over-idealized. Nature, being by definition impeccable, will provide you fresh lenses with which to perceive life, full of new opportunities and re-discovered joys.

It’s fun

As an older, eternal kid, you need fun and play just like the old days. Some years on your back doesn’t mean play is forbidden. Go out there, go crazy, be the kid you rightfully are.

Emotional uplift

Less stress means being in touch with the real you, increasing your potential for growth and self-actualization.

Get more sociable, more creative, more human. Nature is full of stimulus to feed your brain and supercharge your imagination.


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