Weirdest Things Girls Do When They are Home-Alone!

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Girls do so many interesting stuff when they are with their gangs or family or in the workplace. But when they are all by themselves they get far more than interesting. Check out on these pointers with a magnifying glass.


1. Put a pillow inside their t-shirts.


They do this just to check how it feels like to be pregnant. Yeah, man! It’s weird but it is satisfying at the same time. Because let’s admit it, every girl gets goosebumps just thinking about getting preggos.


2. Stalk ex’s


This is the most common but weirdest thing that they do. I mean seriously? All this time you couldn’t even move on. Common girls get over it. Your time is not meant to be wasted like this.


3. Going bananas over things which didn’t even happened.


This one’s probably the favorite of them all. Almost every girl loves to create a scene in her mind and then go nuts. Girls! Give yourself a break and read good books. Wishful thinking can be damaging as much as a tornado? umm, if that’s the right example! Did you get it, right?


4. Selfies in a bra or without one.


Well, there’s nothing wrong with this because this is kinda self-empowering! But beware girls of the sneaky neighbors.


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