Why Your Mother Is And Always Will Be Your First Friend!

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She is the one person in this whole wide world who truly cares about your happiness and has sacrificed her’s far too many times that sometimes you don’t even notice it! She was the first person you saw when you came into this world and it is her nurturing that has made you the person you are now.

1. She will never ever ditch you for anybody else

Your mother lives to see you happy, she would never do anything to hurt you and ditch you for some other person like your friends.


2. She would share her whole meal if you ask for it

She has probably forgotten what her favourite dishes were, but she never fails to make you your favourite food. She’ll scarifice the last piece of cake for you even if you’ve had half the cake already.


3. She’ll always take timeout from her busy schedule for you

She is not the person who will cancel your plans at the last moment by texting “Sorry can’t make it today” but she is the one who would agree to spend the whole day with you if your friends cancel on you at the last minute. You may not think about involving her in your plans but all her plans revolve around you.

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4. Only person who cares about you wearing a “Sweater”

No matter how much you hate her for nagging about wearing sweaters in winter, but you have to admit it that you’ll miss it when you grow up and you are all on your own and there is nobody to nag you about the sweater.


5. She warns you about the fake friends

Believe it or not our mother’s know about our friends more than we do. Call it experience or mother’s instinct she’ll try to warn you but of course you always swipe it off with an arguement like “You never like any of my friends” but with time you get to know it yourself and your mother won’t even say “Ï told you so”


6. For her, your success is her reward!

In all your successes she’ll be standing prouproudly with the biggest smile you’ll ever see on a person. She is the only one who genuinely cares about your success and works selflessly without asking anything in return for it.


7. She wont give you “The Look “when you brag about youself

Unlike your friends who gets fed up easily by all your gloating, your mother will listen to you paitiently and will go on and brag about you in front of her friends too.


8. She knows where all your stuff is

The word “order” exists in your life because of her, from your clothes to your books, everything will be in utter chaos if not for her. Even in all that mixed up pile you’ll mother will be able to find out your stuff when you don’t.


9. She cleans all the mess you leave behind

How many times have you heard your mother say ” Clean your room after playing, don’t expect me to do for you “but as the stubborn child as we are, we never pick it up. But when you come back and find your room all cleaned up you know that your fairy God”Mother”did it.


10. She genuinely takes care of you when you are sick

She would make you soup,cover you up with blankets and put her self under stress to make you feel better without any regard for her health. Unlike your friends she doesn’t text “Take care”, even if she is away from you she’ll be constantly praying for your health and call you up after every hour to check wether you’ve take your medicines or not?


11. She cares more about your appearance than you do

She might keep telling you not wear short skirts or tops but she wants your outfit and hair and make-up on-point! She’ll always ask you to comb your hair properly or to put on a bit of make-up before you leave for a party because she wants her daughter to look the prettiest 🙂



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