3 Reasons Why Girls Should Ask Guys Out Without Hesitation

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The so-called rules of dating say that a guy should ask a girl out first. The first step in a relation should be taken by him. A girl should only hint about her feelings for the guy, if he catches the hint and proceeds to take a step then only you should say yes.

We don’t know who made these rules but they totally sound absurd to us. What we believe is that if you feel for someone express it, maybe the other person is too shy to express. Initiate and see how things take the turn. If you think people will judge you because you took the first step then let us remind you that they are going to judge you anyway, no matter what you do.

Youtuber Anna Akana in a video explains why girls should ask guys out and she is so on point. Watch what she has to say and we can bet you will agree with her words.


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