For Men Only: Ways of Being a Good Boyfriend

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Being a good boyfriend to your girl should be more than being a gentleman. Actually, you won’t need to exert efforts if you’ve seen good examples from how your parents care for each other – caring for someone special will easily come out of you naturally.

People say men shouldn’t try to understand women because no matter how they try, they won’t be able to do that. Men and women are way different in many sorts of things and aspects, that’s why having a companion of the opposite sex is very challenging, yet exciting. Most of the time, girls or women won’t tell you how they want to be treated like, but here are some of their confessions. You’ll be surprised how obvious these things are and how you’re still not aware of them somehow.

sweet young couple

sweet young couple

Women want men to tell them verbally that you love them – the more often the better. Don’t be overtly jealous. Brothers, we know this feeling is inevitable especially if you’re the protective type of person and you’re deeply in love with your girl, but still, try to keep it to yourself. It’s a big turn off to women if their guy acts insecure. Insecurity is like a girl thing. Be honest to your girl, maintain an open communication and always lend a big ear. It’s natural to women to be expressive by talking. After a long day, ask her how she’s doing and start a cheerful conversation. Surprise your girlfriend from time to time and take her out in at least twice a month. Lastly, always remember the golden rule, whenever you’re on a date or simply walking with her, never ever stare at other girls. It’s not only rude but it also displays your being weak.


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