World’s first Baby From 3 Parents Born. Miracle!

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A Jordanian couple has been trying to start a family for almost 20 years and failed. Ten years after they married, the woman became pregnant, but it ended in the first miscarriages out of four, which was really heartbreaking. In 2005, the couple gave birth to a baby girl. It was then that they discovered the probable cause of their fertility problems: a genetic mutation in the mother’s mitochondria. Their daughter was born with Leigh syndrome, which affects the brain, muscles, and nerves of developing infants. Sadly, she died aged six. The couple’s second child had the same disorder and lived for 8 months. The couple decided to use a scientific method to make their dream come true. Using a controversial “three-parent baby” technique, the boy was born on 6 April 2016. He is showing no signs of disease.



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