Earn and Show Your Creativity in T-Shirt Printing

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Are you a fan of interesting prints on t-shirts? Maybe you’ve already thought of many ideas about what images to put on a shirt or some appealing quotations. T-shirts started to be a major trend in the 90s, especially to teens and young adults. It’s a great way to express yourself and show your individuality.

The term ‘t-shirt’ was coined from its ‘T’-like shape. Sometimes, people simply call it ‘tee’. This sort of clothing usually has round neckline, short-sleeves, no collars, and no buttons. Many people prefer wearing t-shirts because of their breathability and comfort. Tees are very easy to wear and un-wear – you can go to a store, buy one and put it on right away. Compared to other types of torso attire, tees are very affordable and easy to wash and clean.

plain t-shirt

plain t-shirt

Having the right attitude and determination, you can start a small business in t-shirt printing. First, ask yourself what type of prints you are going to produce. Are you into simple 2 to 3 colored prints or black & white designs, or more into complicated colored images? If you prefer the former, screen printing is your thing. If not, then digital printing.

Screen printing would take several practices for you to be able to perfect your craft but the materials (usually just fine screen, films, cutter, press, paints, and pencil) are very affordable. On the other hand, digital printing will require a bigger budget because you will need a printer and a computer.

You can start off with few blank t-shirts. Have a business plan by determining what’s hot in the market. Set your starting price and have your friends and family as your trial customers.


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