11 Pleasing Ways To Cool Your Mind And Soul!

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Your inside as well as outside needs special daily care. The body demands peace and tranquility to function properly. But, sometimes we are not feeling that well because of reasons as stress, hypertension, anxiety or some basic problems in life. These 11 pleasing as well as enjoyable ways will help you cool your mind and soul!

1. Take deep breaths for 5 minutes

Let go of the toxicity and let in the pureness. Take several deep breaths. It’ll relax you.

breathing exercise

2. Try going outside

Sitting at home will only make you rethink whatever you’ve been pinning on. Go out, dress up, eat new food and try to relax. A new atmosphere changes things inside.

going out

3. Get an all new haircut

A change in looks will make you look different as well as make you feel different. A positive energy intakes your body which will bring calmess inside you.

new haircut

4. Set a new good looking profile picture of yours on social networking site

People liking and praising your new look will eventually bring hope to you which will give a better feeling to your mind. Hence, you’ll almost forget whatever is bothering you.

new fb dp

5. Imagine this is your fridge!!


foodie fridge

6. Look at this delicious nutella cupcake!!

nutella cupcake

7. Look at these pictures of Kim Kardashian crying


kim crying

crying kim

crying kim

8. QUICK! Look snoop Dogg has a long lost brother.

snoop frogg

9. QUICK! Look at these pandas on the slide.

10. Listen to music

Pick up your phone and try to listen your favorite music, not sad music but music with good beats and lyrics. It helps you divert your mind.


11. Try yoga

Yoga can be your companion anywhere and anytime. It will relax your inside as well as outside. Do it for 10 minutes and you’ll feel much better!



Hope you’re feeling better now. Be happy, be positive! 🙂


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