What Moles On Your Body Says About You

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These moles on your body are not just marks, but the traits of you. Each and every mole says something about you and your character which you may or may not be aware of. Here are mentioned some parts of your body, each giving a different significance for the presence of the mole.

1. Chin

mole on chin
People with moles near their chin are believed to lead a balanced life and are also known for their above-average attractiveness.

2. Right side of your forehead

right side mole
People with moles on the right of their forehead are believed to be headed for a life of fame, success.

3. Right Cheek

right cheek mole
People with moles on their right cheek are thought to be sensitive and poetic souls.

4. Left Cheek

left side of cheek mole
If your mole is on your left cheek, you may be an introvert or homebody.

5. Chest

mole on chest
You guys tend to be a little lazy and you love luxury and leisure.

6. Nose

mole on nose
You’re pretty short-tempered and also flirt, A LOT. But you tend to settle down when you find your soulmate, until then, you’re just playing.

7. Palms

palm mole
If you have a mole on your right palm you’ll be rich. And if you have a mole on your left palm you’ll be impulsive.

8. Feet

A mole on feet means a life full of travel and adventure.

9. Shoulder

shoulder mole
You are responsible and sensible, and anything but boring. You are someone people can rely on.

10. Sclera

Having a mole on your right eyeball signifies easy money and on the left, suggests arrogance.

11. Below eyebrow

below eyebrow
This is the mark of creativity. You are a maker for things and ideas if you have a mole here.

12. Ear

mole on ear
People with moles on ear are trustworthy, dependable and loving, and family comes first for them.

13. Neck

neck mole
It’s supposed to be a sign of a good personality

14. Arms

mole on arm
Decisive and assertive! . People with moles here are thought to be powerful decision-makers.

15. Fingers

You are a fighter if you have a mole on your finger. You know how to overcome any sort of obstacle that you’ll face in your life.


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