Are Electric, Hydraulic, or ATV Winches Better for Your Jeep?

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A winch is a helpful tool to have installed on the bumper of your jeep. It can be used to haul other vehicles out of ditches, pull your own vehicle out of a rut or drag large loads over long distances. A truck winch is typically admired for it’s ability to haul and lift large loads. Jeeps winches, such as electric, hydraulic and ATV winch options, mainly haul heavy loads. Before making a final winch decision, ask yourself the following three questions:


  1. How should the winch be powered?
  2. How often will it be used?
  3. How long will it be used?


Types of Winches


An electric winch is powered by the jeep’s battery. It is good for quick, such as getting an ATV or another jeep out of a ditch. It has easy installation and use. It is also typically less expensive than a hydraulic winch.


A hydraulic winch is usually more expensive than an electric winch. This is because it requires an installed hydraulic pump to power the winch itself. As a result, there is greater, stronger power capable of larger jobs such as use on a tow truck.


The final option is an ATV winch. This winch is designed for an ATV, but some people may consider using it for a jeep as well. The ATV option also uses electric power. It is very important to check the rated load before use though. When used by a jeep, the load of an ATV winch may only be suitable for ATVs or heavy loads of firewood.


Choosing the Right Option for You


For the average jeep owner who occasionally pulls an ATV or other jeep out of a ditch, an electric winch is recommended. As an owner of an electric winch, it is important to always keep the battery charged in case of an emergency. Strong enough jeep bumpers to hold the winch are also crucial. Select the right winch and peruse some excellent tire wheel packages at today.


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