13 Clever Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Tall Instantly

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There are a few things in our lives we can’t do nothing about. For example, our height! How long we grow is not in our hands. But for those who are short-heighted and wish to look taller, here are a few clever fashion tips and tricks to fake a few extra inches. Read on!

1. Wear vertical lines and avoid horizontal prints.

Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, which causes the eye to take in more height than width. Horizontal lines, on the other hand, draw the eye side to side, causing the eye to take in more width and less height.


2. Match your tones or go for a monochromatic look.

Wearing different colors divides a person’s body into separate segments. Wearing the same color, or tones that are within the same range, creates one solid line for an observer’s eye to pick up. Having your body divided into fewer segments creates the illusion of height.

mono chromatic

3. Stick with solid colors and small patterns.

Large patterns have a tendency to overwhelm and dwarf the person wearing them, especially if that individual already has a petite figure. Solid colors and small patterns create visual interest without reducing the wearer’s height.

small prints

4. Avoid baggy clothing.

People who wear loose, oversized garments may end up looking “lost” inside their clothes, which may make them seem wider and shorter than they actually are.


5. Keep your hair short.

Long hair can “drown” shorter women. A hairstyle that stops above the shoulder prevents a woman’s locks from overwhelming her entire stature.

short hair

6. Wear heels.

Whether you choose half-inch heels or three-inch heels, these shoes add height and make you look taller. Opt for skinny heels over thick ones, since skinny heels are more effective in creating a slender vertical appearance while thick platforms can make your feet look weighted and heavy.


7. Stick with open-toed shoes or sandals.

Showing more skin on your foot is a simple way to extend the appearance of your height. The more skin an observing eye notices on your leg, the longer your leg will seem. The longer your leg seems, the taller you look.


8. Look for blouses with deep, vertical necklines, like the v-neck.

A deep v-neck keeps the eye looking up and down, while crew necks, scoop necks, and other horizontal necklines draw the eye side to side.

v neck

9. Shorten your skirt’s hemline.

A hemline that stops at the knee or above it looks flattering on women of short to average height. Showing more leg makes your legs look longer, which maximizes the illusion of height.

mini skirt

10. Wear high-waisted bottoms.

The eye naturally assumes that the leg starts at the waistline. By having a waistline that rests above your hips, you help your legs look longer, helping you to look taller. For this reason, you should also avoid low-rise pants that may only make your legs look shorter.

high waist

11. Avoid over-sized bags.

Bulky shoulder bags and fanny packs cause you to look wider at the waist and hip. Anytime you cause the eye to take in width, you reduce the amount of height it takes in. Small clutches and tiny shoulder bags on narrow straps are much better alternatives.


12. Stand up straight.

Good posture can add a few inches onto your height, but slouching makes you look shorter and stouter. Stand tall with your shoulders down and slightly back.


13. Stay lean and fit.

Slimmer individuals tend to look taller, while plumper people look shorter and more compact than they actually are. While standing, the human body is like a vertical line. A slim figure creates a narrow vertical shape that is easy to spot, but this vertical shape is less obvious on a wider figure.



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